LG’s Curved G Flex Smartphone Apparently Heals Itself

Branding wars aside, a phone capable of restoring itself is a significant technological feat. Do you think this technology could be one day applied to prosthetic implants?


The curved display pissing match between LG and Samsung continues with the announcement of LG’s G Flex smartphone.

LG’s G Flex press release claims that it’s the first “real” curved display phone, whose 6-inch screen flexes from top to bottom and gently contours around the face.

The PR headline may be a subtle dig at Samsung’s Galaxy Round, which curves from side to side, and is only a prototype with limited availability. LG says that its phone will be available on all three major Korean wireless carriers next month, with launches in other markets to follow.

LG has a couple other unique selling points: The back of the phone has a “self-healing” elastic coating that can supposedly recover from minor nicks and scratches. LG’s also touting its curved battery technology, which manages 3,500 mAh–more than a full day’s charge, LG says–while minimizing stress from the curved design.

Other specs…

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