Mission Statement

Dystopia is a difficult idea to define. Storytellers have used it to embody a post-apocalyptic world or to represent a society in a state of oppression. There have also been many dystopian story lines that have been triggered by catastrophic events, like nuclear war. Dystopian settings have been used in such a range of plots that the meaning of dystopia has been left ambiguous. The history of the word cataclysm originated with the biblical story of the great flood, and our title reflects the flood of possibilities that lie in the exploration of literary dystopia.

Our mission is to publish book reviews, interviews and commentaries that examine the ways in which artists (and the characters they create) navigate dystopian worlds.

We want Cataclysm to be more than a literary journal; we want it to be a community. To create that community, we invite you to leave comments, share our posts, and send us questions and suggestions.


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