The Killer Robots are Coming

TerminatorA commentary by Zac Bange

Humanoid killing machines are a mainstay of many futuristic works of fiction. While I’m not worried about a robot knocking on my door and asking for Sarah Connor today, science fiction is gradually becoming science fact as modern armies move from flesh-and-blood combatants to ones made of metal. Continue reading


Royalty and The Unachievable American Dream

Not altogether strangely, during the past few weeks of impending debt crisis doom and Federal instability, music and news stations alike have set Lorde’s new track “Royals” on repeat. In fact, both the The New Yorker and NPR have commented on the success of her debut album, “Pure Heroine”. Now, this may have something to do with the fact that Lorde’s vocalist, Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, is the daughter of the distinguished poet Sonja Yelich—but the dynamic literary elements of “Royals” should not be, by any means, casually dismissed.

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Myths, Conspiracies, Aliens & Time Travel

By Simeon Ben

At some point in the beginnings of human history (trust me), a man looked up from the evening fire to the night sky filled with twinkling stars, a silver moon, and squawking flocks of westward-bound pterodactyls and thought, “What’s it all mean?” With burning questions in his heart and a piece of charcoal in his enormous hairy hand, he set to work on an ideal piece of cave wall in his living room (next to his prized hunting album) drawing spirits, gods, devils and monsters to fill the troublesome gaps in his understanding of the world. Continue reading

YA Fascination With the Extreme

A commentary by Jessica Dunn

hunger-games-mockingjay-pinThe surge of attention surrounding Veronica Roth’s dystopian Divergent series in correlation with the popularity of Suzanne Collins’ dystopian Hunger Games series makes me question if female protagonist dystopian novels are simply trending, or if there’s a  deeper reason for their rise to film-adaptation status.

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