Travels with Cormac: In Search of the Universe’s End

A review of James Smythe’s The Explorer by Simeon Ben

When journalist Cormac Easton is selected to document the first manned mission into deep space, he dreams of securing his place in history as one of humanity’s great explorers.   But in space, nothing goes according to plan […] As the body count begins to rise, Cormac finds himself alone and spiraling toward his own inevitable death . . . unless he can do something to stop it. Continue reading


Book Club at the Mingei International Museum, Nov 9

Event Review by Jessica Dunn

Dr. Edith Frampton of San Diego State University led, in conjunction with STRUCK BY MODERNISM curator Dave Hampton, a book club discussion at the Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park on November 9. The event was organized to relate the works of the blacksmith artist C. Carl Jennings with Charles Dickens’ classic novel, Great Expectations. Hampton confessed his surprise at being approached with the idea of a Dickens novel comparison, but the resulting discussion proved the combination to be very thought-provoking.

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Frank Juliano: Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Shop Owner

Interview by Jessica Dunn

San Diego Comics

The owner of San Diego Comics is like that barista who has memorized your favorite drink, only better. You could probably just tell Frank Juliano your favorite color and he’d be able to recommend the perfect comic book or graphic novel. No seriously, he’s that good. Juliano and the rest of the staff are avid readers who keep up with the latest releases and have great taste in storytelling. Cataclysm tapped into Juliano’s expansive knowledge and understanding of the comic world, which resulted in some very thought-provoking answers: Continue reading

Stephanie Harvie: Writer and Comic Shop Specialist

comics, comic shop, comic shop girl

Stephanie Harvie is an active comic book enthusiast and fan-fiction writer from Brawley, California. Currently, she spends her time reading, writing, and attending Comic Festivals in her resident San Diego.

.Interview by Stephanie D’Adamo


How long have you been a writer? Have you worked in the comic industry? If so, where? Anything fun we should know about you/those jobs? Continue reading

The Killer Robots are Coming

TerminatorA commentary by Zac Bange

Humanoid killing machines are a mainstay of many futuristic works of fiction. While I’m not worried about a robot knocking on my door and asking for Sarah Connor today, science fiction is gradually becoming science fact as modern armies move from flesh-and-blood combatants to ones made of metal. Continue reading