Your Universe–Subtly Divided

Kathryn Davis Duplex A Novel CoverA book review of Kathryn Davis’ Duplex: A Novel, by Stephanie D’Adamo

This is the story of a normal world. Where parents sip highballs in cookie-cutter houses. Where boys play baseball. Where girls collect trading cards. And where sorcerers and robots make pacts over human souls. Davis’ Duplex positively seethes with the nostalgic normality of our Americana fascination. Continue reading


The Struggle to Pledge Allegiance

Allegiant by Veronica RothA book review of Veronica Roth’s novel Allegiant, by Jessica Dunn.

After ripping through the first two novels of the Divergent series so quickly, I was expecting Allegiant have the same grip on my literary eyeballs. While I still zoomed through with excitement, I must admit I was not left with the same adrenaline rush that I experienced in the first two books.

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Stephanie Harvie: Writer and Comic Shop Specialist

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Stephanie Harvie is an active comic book enthusiast and fan-fiction writer from Brawley, California. Currently, she spends her time reading, writing, and attending Comic Festivals in her resident San Diego.

.Interview by Stephanie D’Adamo


How long have you been a writer? Have you worked in the comic industry? If so, where? Anything fun we should know about you/those jobs? Continue reading

The Exegesis of Philip K Dick Edited By Pamela Jackson & Jonathan Lethem


Although Philip K Dick was hardly a household name in his own lifetime, his body of work (44 published novels and 120 short stories) has been steadily building momentum since Dick’s death in 1982. In the years since his passing, the legend of Philip K Dick has grown to the point that you’d be hard-pressed to find a SF writer or SF fan, that’s worth his or her salt, who isn’t familiar with at least some of PKD’s body of work. Continue reading

Insurgent Surges with Intrigue

InsurgentHC-jkt-des4A review by Jessica Dunn

Veronica Roth created a futuristic dystopian society set in various areas of the Chicago city limits. The city and society is organized into five different factions–each one representing a different value and role in society. Continue reading

The 5th Wave Review

5Wave16101128A review by Jaziel Zapata

Rick Yancey creates a world where trust is a luxury and the ability to kill is a must. His book, The 5th Wave, tells a tale of an alien invasion. Four prior alien waves have reduced human population to the bare minimum. The book follows Cassie Sullivan and her family as they go through the four waves and builds in anticipation toward the firth attack. We see the weight of the world dropped on teenage shoulders as Cassie tries to survive on her own and keep humanity’s last hopes alive. However, this is not an ordinary alien invasion.

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