The Editors

The most devilishly handsome man ever?

Zachary Bange is a student of the written word at San Diego State where he is earning degrees in English and Professional Writing. A lover of language, he not only consumes books voraciously, but has contributed his small share of writing to the creative community. He hopes to someday turn his passion for prose and poetry into a lifelong profession.

IMG_20131030_140317Stephanie D’Adamo has been carefully constructed from refurbished cylon parts with the primary objective of delivering the written word to American wastelands. Fascinated by the golden veneer of society, she currently spends her days with only the seediest inhabitants of her native San Diego. Her functions include serving as a writer, poet, student, and disillusioned philosopher. While earning her Master’s in English from San Diego State University, she hopes to evolve her writing and “drop the bomb” on the literary sphere.

jessJessica Dunn is an explorer. She loves to experience the world firsthand and put many dots on her map of life–and her world is not limited to the seven continents. Jess frequently visits (and gets lost in) Middle Earth, Hogwarts, a galaxy far far away, Narnia, 18th century Great Britain, Neverland, and her own day dreams. Her love of coffee and blankets has assisted in her endeavor to earn an English degree from San Diego State University.

profilepicbwSimeon Ben Jeppsen, not to be confused with Simian Papio Cynocephalus, is  a writer, a reader, a squeegee master, a real MF(A)’er, a son, a brother, a friend, a lover, a dude, a guy, and a person who is currently living in San Diego where he does in fact love long walks on the beach. Sign: Aries, Eye Color: Blue, Height: 6′, Body Type: Average-ish.


Jaziel Zapata is a San Diego native who attends San Diego Jazz's PhotoState University. Having earned an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, is now working toward a Bachelors Degree in English. Being enamored with stories, He would like to become a paid creative writer someday. His dream is to become a screenwriter for film and television one day.


2 thoughts on “The Editors

  1. nice work! seriously, I’m impressed. I can barely even say apocalyptic/dystopian literary journal called Cataclysm.
    But, sim, what’s with the neck- brace- sleeping -bag -head photo?
    and why wasn’t invited to that party?

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